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Mail Redirection for Your Business with Australia Post

Mail Redirection for Your Business with Australia Post

Mail redirection has never been easier with Australia Post. So, if you’re looking for information on how to redirect your mail for your business, this article can help. We’ve done all the research for you, and below have explained reasons why a business might relocate and to how to set up mail redirection for your business with Australia Post.


Why a Business May Relocate

It’s common for a business to relocate, and they may do so for several reasons, including:

  • Another city may offer a better quality of life
  • A different (or more prestigious) address may be more appealing
  • A business may be sold to a third party
  • The business’ current location is declining
  • Overall lower cost of doing business
  • The business needs to upgrade its facilities
  • There’s a better pool of employees in a different location

How Mail Redirection Works

When your business relocates, the best way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any mail is using a Business Mail Redirection service. This ensures all vital mail including cheques, letters, returned stock or invoices are correctly sent to you.

When redirecting your business mail with Australia Post, you can choose to use this service for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, or you can choose to extend this service for as long as you wish. You can also change or cancel the service at any time. Australia Post allows you to add up to 6 names to your application, which can include your business name(s), your name and even the names of those who you work with. Once you’ve applied for mail redirection, Australia Post will send an email confirming they have received your application and another email once the service is approved. Generally, the process takes about 3 days. If your application is rejected, for whatever reason, Australia Post will still get in contact with you to ensure you are provided with the best guidance, support, and next steps you can take.

Mail Redirection for Businesses

If you have an ABN and a Certificate of Registration of a Company, you can apply for business mail redirection, either, online or in person at the post office. If you decide to apply online, you’ll be required to upload a .jpg image of your Certificate of Registration of a Company. (Note: Normally, this is issued in PDF format, for information on how to convert this document, see here). If you decide to apply at the post office, you’ll need to provide your Certificate of Registration of a Company and apply your company seal next to the signature of the application form, that is, if you have one.

Cost wise, if you are looking at redirecting your mail to another address in Australia, this will set you back $132 for one month, $330 for 3 months, $660 for 6 months and $1,320 for 12 months. If you wish to redirect your mail to an international address, you are looking at rates of $264 for 1 month, $660 for 3 months, $1,320 for 6 months and $2,640 for 12 months. You can always choose to have your service extended or cancel at any time.

Mail Redirection for Home Office

If you operate your business from home, a Home Office Mail Redirection bundle may be the better option for you. To apply for this service, simply apply at your local post office with proof of your identity showing your residential mailing address, and one of the following:

  • For a home office business: a business certificate statement or tax statement.
  • For a trust (individual or company trust): a trust statement with your mailing address.
  • For a self-managed super fund: an SMSF statement with your residential mailing address.

You must also bring with you an application form filled out with all required details.

A home office mail redirection bundle costs $66 for 1 month, $165 for 3 months, $330 for 6 months and $660 for 12 months, when redirecting to an Australian address. When redirecting internationally, these costs increase to $132 for 1 month, $330 for 3 months, $660 for 6 months and $1,320 for 12 months.

Where Can I Redirect My Mail to?

If you are planning to redirect your mail to an alternate address and don’t know where or are simply looking for a more prestigious address, Servcorp’s virtual offices can help. Our virtual offices come with their own address and with mail and courier management. On top of this, we offer the first month free!

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